Excise Warehouse and Bonded Warehouse

Our service offering targets middle-sized and smaller companies, which demand or prefer a personalized approach and high accountability of the service provider.

Storage of goods in an excise or bonded warehouse, under the supervision of the customs authorities, is a specific type of warehousing services. It concerns goods that were imported into Czech Republic (or general into EU) but import duties and taxes have not been paid yet and such goods have not been released to the free circulation of the EU single market.

There are financial reasons for the utilization of those warehouses. When goods are placed into an excise or bonded warehouse, customers can postpone the payment of duties, VAT or consumer tax, until the moment the goods are released from a bonded/excise warehouse and sold. Or alternatively, such goods can be easily re-exported to third countries outside of EU or transferred to another bonded/excise warehouse within EU.

Excise Warehouse for Beer, Wine and Spirits

Excise Warehouse for Beer, Wine and Spirits

We are an approved operator of the excise warehouse which is licensed for storage of beer, wine and spirits. The purpose of an excise warehouse is to store selected excise goods there, without the obligation of the immediate payment of the consumer tax. The tax does not need to be paid until goods are released from the warehouse, on basis of the monthly tax report.

Beer, wine and spirits can be either shipped from our excise warehouse to another excise warehouse within EU or they can be exported out of EU. Furthermore, beer and wine can be also released to the free circulation.

We provide our financial bond for the purposes of either excise storage or excise transports to or from our excise warehouse. In case of transports, we can issue or terminate eAD through the EMCS system.

For those clients who rent a space from us and establish their own excise warehouse for spirits there, we can provide sticking of their excise stamps onto bottles. We also collect the stamps from the customs house, we do the management of the stamps and we return the stamps back to the customs house, on behalf of a client. Sticking of excise stamps can be done only on the exact sticking areas which are monitored with CCTV connected on-line to the customs.

In addition to excise stamps, we also do sticking of text labels onto bottles. Text labels can be delivered to us by a client or printed out by us.

Bonded Warehouse

Bonded Warehouse

We provide storage services in our bonded warehouse and temporary warehouse.

Bonded warehouse is used for the storage of goods imported from third countries when it is needed not to release such goods into the free circulation immediately and to postpone the payment of duties and taxes. In a bonded warehouse, high value goods or goods with a high duty rate are usually stored. Bonded warehouse is also used in case when an importer is not able to decide whether the goods will be cleared into the free circulation or re-exported out of EU again. All transactions made through a bonded warehouse are under the supervision of local customs authorities.

When goods are released from a bonded warehouse, it is possible either to clear the goods into the free circulation of the EU single marker (and pay duties and taxes), or to transit the goods to another bonded warehouse in EU, or to re-export the goods.

Temporary warehouse is used for a short bonded storage of goods when it is not possible (or not desirable) to decide immediately in the moment of import what the final customs status of the goods should be. Or when proper commercial or shipping documents are not available.

We provide guaranty through our financial bonds on the both types of those warehouses. We also keep records of all bonded transactions in our WMS.

Customs Brokerage and Insurance

Customs Brokerage and Insurance

Our transportation and warehousing services are accompanied with complementary services like customs brokerage, cargo insurance or inventory insurance.

When arranging for export, import or transit customs clearance, we provide our customers with so called indirect representation with the customs authorities (which means we act on our own behalf, at customer’s account). We are an approved holder of simplified customs procedures, which mainly means that we can communicate electronically with the customs authorities. Thanks to those simplified procedures and also to our financial bonds deposited with the customs authorities, we can provide our customers with highly effective and professional brokerage services.

As a special part of our customs brokerage services, we offer to our customers a possibility to place their goods to our excise or bonded warehouses where special conditions apply. (For more info, pls see the chapter Excise and Bonded Warehousing.)

For those companies that do business with suppliers or customers from other EU countries (intra-EU trade), we offer Intrastat reporting which is a legal obligation in such cases.

As a warehouse operator, we are liable for all goods received to our warehouse, and that is why we keep our legal liability insurance. In addition to this and on request of our customers, we can also arrange for the inventory insurance of customers’ goods which covers risks beyond our legal liability, it means mainly the risks of natural disasters or robbery.

Last but not least, on request of a shipper, we can arrange for cargo insurance in domestic or international transport. In most cases, such insurance is arranged on basis of all-risk insurance calculated for 110% of the commercial value.