Warehouse logistics

Our service offering targets middle-sized and smaller companies, which demand or prefer a personalized approach and high accountability of the service provider.

When we say Warehouse Logistics, it does not mean only a simple storage of goods in a warehouse. We, as a provider, find more significance in servicing your goods and providing value-added services.

Based on the individual needs of our clients, we are ready to provide (and we are providing already) far more services, such as cleaning of packaging and goods, basic technological adjustments of your goods, short-term warehouse rentals for promotional purposes (such as filming of commercials or clips, etc…).



Our logistic facility in Tuchomerice offers a modern warehouse with total inner area of 5500 sqm and 11 meters of height. It is divided into two interconnected halls. Based on characteristics of goods, we store them on floor space, in pallet racks, or in shelf racks. The way of storage can be modified, based on client´s needs and type of required handling services.

We store a broad range of goods – e.g. raw materials and semi-finished products, industrial and consumer goods, packaging materials, consumables, beverages, electronics, furniture, archives, etc.

Our warehouse space is regularly maintained and cleaned (floor machine cleaning). The warehouse is tempered and electronically secured (alarm and camera systems) with a connection to 24-hours security service. We do not record any single case of theft or burglary over the whole existence of our company.

For the storage of sensitive commodities, we can utilize smaller depots located in the administrative building, where special safety measures can be arranged, and also controlled temperature mode can be provided.

We assume full responsibility for the goods handed over to our warehouse (with limitation of hidden defects, degradability of goods, original inner content, etc…) until the release of goods. We perform regular inventory counts, in frequency and timelines agreed with our clients.

Warehouse Rental

Warehouse Rental

On request, we can offer short and long-term rental of our warehouse space, of different areas. On such rented areas, clients can either operate by their own, or with the assistance of our personnel and equipment. (For instance loading/unloading of cargo from trucks by our people, with further manipulation on rented space done by the client’s staff.)

If requested, we can (at client´s expense) arrange fencing of the rented area, alternatively we can provide a lockable room, usually by providing inner office unit. It is also possible to rent our handling equipment or wrapping machine.

As the part of the warehouse rental, we can provide accessorial services, such as:

  • Internet connectivity
  • Electronic security
  • CCTV recording
  • Weighing
  • Waste disposal (common, or assorted, or special treatment waste)
  • Sale or rental of pallets of different types
  • Sale of packing materials

Tenant is obliged to follow health&safety rules and common operational procedures of the warehouse.

Long term tenants are offered a possibility to rent an office space in the administrative building as well, with possibility to place your company seat there.

Handling Services

Handling Services

Handling of goods is done both with handling machines (pallets, crates) and manually (cartons, pieces). Loading and unloading is mostly done over hydraulic ramps, directly to trucks. This is the way how to maximally speed up loading operations when big volumes of cargo are concerned.

Further to that, it is also possible to make loading and unloading directly on the inside warehouse area, or on the outside area in front of the warehouse. It is driven by volume/weight characteristics of goods and type of transportation means.

Vans, lorries and even big trucks can enter the warehouse for loading through big gates (4 x 6 m) on both sides of the building. Size of the gates even enables a crane to enter and manipulate heavy cargo or extra voluminous cargo.

We perform manual loading or unloading of containers. Unloaded cargo is usually palletized and stored in racks. We also do direct transshipments of palletized of loose goods from one vehicle to another. Also immediate sorting of received cargo, shipments completion and consequent distribution (cross-docking) is possible.

Last but not least, we perform picking by pieces according to client’s orders and subsequent completion, packing and dispatch of shipments (pick&pack service).



Value-added services, such as labelling or re-packing, are standard part of our service portfolio. Client can delegate on us all activities directly connected with goods handling, those activities which would otherwise need to be done by itself, often in a complicated manner, by deploying its own staff or some external resources.

We can arrange labels printing according to your requirements, including barcode and pictogram printing. We can label your goods, from very small quantities up to hundreds of thousands of pieces, via process that is tailor-made to suit client’s needs.

Inspections of goods on their receipt or prior to release are a natural requirement. On the receipt, we can ensure different types of checks and sorting procedures (visual check, random inner check, complete inner check). Also we can take samples of received goods and send them to designated addresses. We can weigh your goods on our digital scale.

We perform re-packing from master cartons to retail packages (for instance to shop-floor displays for retail chains), packing for marketing and promotional purposes, packing of e-shop orders, co-packing, or kitting.

Additionally, we can insert documents into retail packaging (user manuals, warranty lists, etc…), including their printing.

Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management

We use a professional warehouse management system (WMS) for the electronic stock keeping. Every movement within the warehouse (receipt, release, relocating) is recorded into our information system. Our system follows goods releasing principles defined by each customer (FIFO, FEFO, LIFO).

As a part of our stock keeping records, we can register various parameters defined by a client (such as EAN code, supplier code, customer code, serial number, batch number, expiration date, etc.).

We can make our WMS compatible with any system of our customers, by setting up our own interfaces for data interchange, reaching even beyond common EDI standards. When implementing EDI between our and your systems, we are ready to provide you with professional advisory based on our experience and on the know-how of our IT professionals.

The automated receiving and processing of client`s orders by our WMS makes the whole process more efficient and generates cost savings on both sides. A use of barcode scanners diminishes a risk of human failures.

Our clients are regularly provided with electronic reports on their goods movements and status. We regularly compare stock data between our WMS and the system of a client, and resolve possible discrepancies. Periodical stock-taking (both physical and administrative) are matter of fact, with frequencies agreed with our clients.